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Food Science & Technology Conference

Conference Resource can be located on our Google Drive

The Food Science & Technology one day conference, held on Monday 28th November, was the final professional development event for HEIAWA for 2022. The opportunity to meet in person again was welcome with ninety one teachers, from both city and country schools, in attendance.

Louise Haustead from Foodbank, which is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, discussed the major findings of the Foodbank Hunger Report 2022. Her presentation provided a sobering snapshot of food insecurity in Australia, especially for our most vulnerable Australians. The report can be accessed here Foodbank Hunger Report 2022 - Foodbank Reports

The next speaker was Aisling Pawlowski from Nutrition Australia. Aisling provided an overview of Nutrition Australia, the work they do, the resources they produce and what they plan to achieve with the WA Whole of School Healthy Eating Program. Since the conference, the Healthy Food and Drink in Public Schools Policy, to be known as FreshSNAP, (Fresh School Nutrition Advisory Program) has been launched and the landing page is available here

Melissa Worthington and her team from Buy West, Eat Best, concluded the morning presentations. The Buy West Eat Best program is a voluntary labelling and marketing initiative developed by the WA State Government to assist local food and drink producers to promote their products to Western Australian consumers. This presentation discussed what it means for WA producers and consumers. Supporting The WA Food & Drinks Industry - Buy West Eat Best

After lunch, several leading teachers of FST shared tasks they have developed, resources they find useful, and ideas for activities their students enjoy. This session gave teachers the opportunity to ask questions and provided stimulation for re-imagining tasks for 2023. Judy Ialacci from Willetton SHS then led an interactive session on Differentiation in the Classroom. Judy provided examples from her own experience and teachers had the chance to discuss with others how they cater for students of differing ability in their classes.

Resources for the the conference can be accessed with this link

Thanks are extended to HEIAWA President and Conference Convenor, Lyn Dymond, HEIAWA secretary and Techno Whizz, Fiona Lang for her help with the AV equipment, and to the following teachers who shared their expertise and ideas with those present: Judy Ialacci, Lana Hinton (MLC), Joanne King and Nicole Kaps (Ocean Reef), Mindy Toleman (John XX111), Sophie Bee (Eastern Hills) and Kelly Drake (John Forrest).

Lyn Dymond



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