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CFC Conference 2022 Report

2022 Conference Resources are available on the Google Drive Here

November saw nearly 60 Children, Family and Community teachers brave the blustery conditions to attend the second of the three HEIAWA run full day Professional Development Seminars.

The start of the day saw our audience enthralled by the Keynote Speaker, The Commissioner for Children and Young People WA, Jacqueline McGowan-Jones. Jacqueline spoke about her role as Commissioner before sharing the results of the most current Speaking Out Survey conducted in 2021. While the WA report has generally positive outcomes, it did bring up that Mental Health is a critical issue, and that many children and young people do not always feel safe at home, at school or in their community. The survey really emphasised that adults need to start talking about mental health, and that one of the most important things a teacher can do is listen, and build, strong relationships with their students.

Trevor Quick from Meningitis WA was informative and thought provoking as was the presentation by Shane Mauger from Outcare. Shane discussed the Justice System and the impact of generational disadvantage. It bought home how your postcode and where you live can have such an impact on a person’s life. Attendees also enjoyed the opportunity to explore the development of language in children from presenter Denise Ansingh. It was great to hear the buzz in the room as they enjoyed the opportunity to do some hands-on play activities.

The day’s program finished with a ‘What’s happening in my Classroom’ session where leading teachers of CFC shared tasks they have developed, discussed resources they find useful, and talked through activities their students enjoy. Advocacy, Care packages, How to run a Day Care Group, Blogs, Domains of Development Bingo and ideas for activities to make and do linked with the teaching of Pregnancy and Birth were just some of the tasks, resources and activities shared. A huge thank

you to those that stepped up and were willing to present. It was wonderful to see the variety, thought and work of all 10 presenters. They certainly proved lots of inspiration for 2023 planning! A final short session on Differentiation in the Classroom rounded out the day of professional development.

Resources for the the conference can be accessed with this link

Thank you to Lyn Dymond, HEIAWA President, for the pulling together of such an informative and inspirational program of Professional Development sessions for this day. It was very much enjoyed. Our thanks also to all our presenters and to Jen Rule whose organisation and smooth running of day, helped ensure this day was so successful.

Jennifer Rule.


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